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Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Adventures of Ozkar

Ozkar considers who has the best pills in Hollywood (besides him, obviously).

He's not a real Oscar, but he's all I got, for now (I moonlight as a crafty cat burglar)... Ozkar was plucked from a centerpiece 7 years ago, and since then we've been inseperable. So while I await the return of my functional laptop + requisite deface-friendly software, let Ozkar entertain you. He's a contemplative soul.

Ozkar considers healthier choices in light of his newfound backfat and assflaps

Ozkar considers Paris Hilton, laughs, feels dirty.... Must shower...

Ozkar considers a world without Pottery Barn vs. a world made entirely of Ikea.

Ozkar considers himself above average.

Ozkar considers the miracle of tupperware.

Ozkar considers pectoral implants.

Ozkar considers fashioning his very own bat-signal.

Ozkar considers 'Ghost Ship.'

Ozkar considers the celebrity 'sex tape.'

Ozkar considers the 'dude ranch.'

Ozkar considers yoga, de-considers yoga after realizing he was not built to bend.

Ozkar considers flushing it all away.

Ozkar considers the sweet liquid-cancer he guzzles by the barrel.


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